Mental Health California™ ushers-in a new era of anti-stigma education and empowerment through publishing, training, education, forums, and special programs that inspire and change lives.

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Mental Health California™ Magazine is a free, digital publication designed to educate and enlighten Californians on mental health across the lifespan. Creatively designed with a fresh appeal, our topics include mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, exercise, nutrition, personal stories of resilience, and more. Clinical disorders such as anxiety, depression, substance-use disorders, bipolar disorder and other conditions are also covered, and we also profile resourceful organizations and everyday people with lived experience who inspire others to achieve wellness. Our multi-media magazine is specifically designed to empower and visually engage a wide variety of readers. 


Mental Health First Aid™

Mental Health First Aid™ is an evidence-based, in-person training program with proven ability to teach individuals how to recognize and respond to the warning signs of mental illness and substance use disorders and link people with appropriate treatment and support. Mental Health First Aid™ increases the understanding that mental illnesses are real, common, and treatable. Originating in Australia in 2001, Mental Health First Aid™ has expanded to more than 23 countries worldwide. It is included on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP).

Outreach and Education Campaigns

We also design and conduct multi-tiered outreach and education campaigns designed to engage, inform, and inspire. Our experience in multi-cultural outreach and communications allows us to offer multi-layered campaigns tied to specific communities such as schools, neighborhoods, geographic regions, or cultural groups. Our programs offer training, education, awareness, traditional and digital communications, publishing, innovation, clinical supports through partnerships, connections to mental health resources, and more. 

Community forums

Mental Health California™ also presents periodic community forums accompanied by special publications and multi-media communications activities. We believe that mental-wellness information needs to spread throughout the entire community, particularly to unserved, underserved, and low-income communities that may not receive their news from traditional sources. We open-up dialogue on a wide variety of issues as a way to educate, improve access, and spread hope. 

Special Events

Our signature event - the California Champions of Mental Health Charity Awards Dinner - offers a winning combination of awareness, presentation, and celebration. We present an elegant evening of recognition of achievements in mental health and wellness amongst industry leadership in California. Extremely popular and well-attended, our sponsors and attendees realize true community impact through this special event held each November in Sacramento, California. With over 250 in attendance, audiences are treated to excellent entertainment along with a variety of speakers across the mental health and wellness landscape, yet with a singular focus: education, awareness, and hope.