Meet Mental Health California - a unique organization blending communications excellence with community mental health awareness

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mission statement

Our mission is to inspire Californians with mental health education and awareness through publishing, training, education, forums, and special programs that change lives.

Vision Statement

We envision an informed, inspired, diverse, healthy, mentally-well California across the lifespan and through the ages.

Who We Are

Mental Health California™, founded by author K.N. Smith, is a California-based 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization that informs and educates Californians on mental health through publishing, training, education, forums, and special programs. We produce an innovative multi-media magazine featuring a wide array of mental-wellness issues of importance to Californians across the lifespan. We also provide training, and education and awareness campaigns, and present community forums and special events. Our experience in multi-cultural outreach and communications allows us to offer multi-layered awareness programs tied to specific communities such as schools, neighborhoods, or cultural groups. Our campaigns offer education, awareness, traditional and digital communications, publishing, innovation, clinical supports through partnerships, connections to mental health resources, and more.