Historic Legislation - AB 1618 - Provides for Permanent Supportive Housing for Homeless Mentally Ill Individuals

AB 1618  - No Place Like Home Program

Summary from the Steinberg Institute: AB 1618 marks an historic effort to create permanent supportive housing for people living with serious mental illness who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This measure draws on a small percentage of funds from the 2004 Mental Health Services Act to leverage a $2 billion revenue bond and billions of additional dollars from other local, state, and federal funds.

Chaptered Bill Text (Chapter 43): This bill established the No Place Like Home Program, administered by the California Department of Housing and Community Development. The bill requires the department to award $2,000,000,000 through a competitive program among counties to finance capital costs, including, but not limited to, acquisition, design, construction, rehabilitation, or preservation, and to capitalize operating reserves, of permanent supportive housing for the target population, as specified. The bill further requires the department to allocate $1,800,000,000 to a competitive program, as specified, and requires that applicants meet specified requirements to be eligible to apply for funding, and requires the department to evaluate applications using specified criteria.

This bill establishes, and continuously appropriates, the No Place Like Home Fund for these purposes.