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Mental Health California Magazine is a free, quarterly, digital publication designed to educate and enlighten Californians on health, mental health, and mental-wellness across the lifespan. Creatively designed with a fresh appeal, our magazine presents in-depth interviews with leaders in these areas, and we also feature articles and modern research on these topics, plus uncover how health, mental-wellness, mind, body, and spirituality are uniquely intertwined. Other topics include mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, exercise, and nutrition. Clinical conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse disorders, and other mental health concerns are also covered in our magazine. Periodically, we shine spotlights on everyday people who suffer from a variety of conditions in order to inform and inspire our readers in their own lives. Our magazine is specifically designed to empower and visually engage a wide variety of readers who are seeking life-changing health and wellness information across a variety of platforms. Please take a moment to subscribe today!


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Kick Your Health and Mental-Wellness Into High Gear. Nothing’s Better Than a Summertime Green Smoothie!

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