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Mental Health California Magazine™ is a free digital publication designed to educate and enlighten Californians on health, mental health, and mental-wellness across the lifespan. Creatively designed with a fresh appeal, our magazine features articles and modern research on mental-wellness topics, plus uncovers how health, mental-wellness, mind, body, and spirituality are uniquely intertwined. Other topics include mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, exercise, and nutrition. Clinical conditions such as anxiety, depression, substance-use disorders, and other mental health concerns are also covered in our magazine. Periodically, we shine spotlights on everyday people who suffer from a variety of conditions in order to inform and inspire our readers in their own lives. Our magazine is specifically designed to empower and visually engage a variety of readers who are seeking life-changing health and wellness information across a variety of platforms. Please take a moment to subscribe today!


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