Depression in Adolescents: 10 Signs to Watch

depressed teen_large.jpg

Teens get moody. But they also get depressed and suicidal. How to spot the difference.

Here are a few signs to watch for in your teen or teens you know: 

  • 1. Changes in sleeping habits. The key is to know what is normal for your child. Teens with depression may sleep excessively and show apathy. Now, some early research by the National Sleep Foundation has linked less sleep and more internet use with an increase in teen depression.

    2. Unusually poor school performance or complaints of headaches or stomachaches to miss school. A sudden drop in grades is worthy of concern.

    3. Loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities. If your son or daughter used to play soccer and suddenly has no interest in it, or used to go with friends to malls and now wants to go nowhere, it may be time to ask questions.

    4. Isolation from friends and family. Many teens retreat into the privacy of their bedrooms as part of their normal routine. However, if you notice your child chooses to be alone rather than watch television or have dinner with the family, and that behavior is coupled with sleeping more or expressing hopelessness, then it likely is more serious.

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