Commentary: How Many Students Must Die Before Congress Passes Stricter Gun Policies?

Commentary - Stricter Gun Policies

As students at Rowland Hall, school is not frightening. We are sheltered in an environment where we know everyone. However, considering the recent school shootings, including the most recent incident at Santa Fe High School in Texas, we should be scared.

Given that the majority of high school students cannot vote, it is the responsibility of voting adults to keep us safe. Yet despite another — and another — mass school shooting, nothing has changed. Students around the country continue to be massacred for the lack of legislative initiative. How many students must die before Congress passes stricter gun policies?

In a recent report, the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division found that “16,459 murders were committed in the United States during 2016. Of these, about 11,961 or 73 percent were committed with firearms.” In 2018 alone, there have been 22 school shootings across our country.

Sara Imam, a survivor of the Parkland High School massacre in Florida, called on all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote, and to vote in favor of thorough background checks and stricter gun control “so no parent will ever have to receive the news their child has been shot at school.”