Healthy Green Smoothie


A Post by Angela Dailey, LCSW

There is nothing more gratifying or flavorful (or easier!) than walking outside and picking a handful of fresh garden greens and blending them up into a power-packed breakfast drink. I simply start with any combination of dark, leafy greens. Earlier in the spring is best for spinach, as opposed to August, for example, when it has gotten too hot and the spinach has already gone to seed. Currently, I am using a combination of kale, rainbow chard, and beet greens. I start with about 2 cups of greens, placing them in the blender. Then I add a frozen banana (the trick to good frozen bananas is to peel them first before freezing – that way they don’t turn to goo like they do if you leave them in the peel), a teaspoon of flaxseed oil, a teaspoon of chia seeds, 3 or 4 ice cubes, and then I alternate between using a cup of almond milk, coconut milk, and occasionally soy milk (organic, non-GMO). Blend until smooth. This drink is truly delicious and packed with vitamins, minerals, and protein. It’s a great way to get some dark green leafy vegetables into your day. Later, when the carrots are ready, I’ll start throwing one of them in there too.