Thank you to our volunteers!

We’re fortunate to have the support of a dynamic group of volunteers for our various activities, including our annual mental health awards dinner. It takes a small army to do what we do, and we thank each and every one of our volunteers who assists our various needs for the benefit of the community. When we need additional assistance for our programs and events, we will announce new volunteer opportunities on this page. Again, “thank you” to those who faithfully serve Mental Health California™. We appreciate you very much!

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"We're energized by the sheer passion and expertise Mental Health California displays on such a consistent basis, and we're glad to be in support of this effort. - Samuel J. Williams, Jr., President, 100 Black Men of Sacramento

“My association with this wonderful organization has given the opportunity to open-up conversations about mental health and how it touches everyone. This is a long overdue conversation.” - Eric G. Stein, Policy and Development Consultant


Our work is generously supported by a team of dedicated and talented interns from various college settings including the University of California, Riverside, Purdue University, and Samuel Merritt University. Internships span across administrative, professional, communications, and health-focused assignments that support our publishing, education, and outreach work, as well as our community mental health campaigns. We’re thankful and fortunate to have the support of such smart, capable, and organized students working with us to achieve our mission.

Please see our internship opportunities listed below:

Mental Health California Communications Studies Internship